2021 Summer Camp Covid 19 Info

Parents will need to sign an agreement before campers can enter camp

Camps will have a limited number of campers

We will follow CDC recommendations for mask wearing

Worker will wear face masks when in close proximity of campers

NO LUNCH SERVED ( Campers must bring their own lunch)

Campers will be spread out for lunch

Campers & workers will have temperature taken before entering gym each day

No parents/ adults are permitted to enter the facility (Drop off & pick up from car)

Campers are encouraged to bring own water bottle (Marked clearly with name)

Campers will be spread out during stations or shooting competitions

Built in hand washing breaks

Hand sanitizer will available

Cleaning and disinfecting will take place before, during and after camp

Parents are not permitted in the gym for Friday’s award ceremony

Plan to give prizes out each day (candy , make it take it, etc)